Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I'm actually quite a pleasant chap, so slam it.

Okay so that's me blowing my own horn again, but I do mean it. You'd think that being a cantankerous cynical bastard (with as much faith in the human race as I have with the BNP's plans for social ethnic integration) would leave me friendless, hated, and chased out of many settlements with pitchforks, fire and the likes. But I do have a bunch of crazies who genuinely like me and I can't say I'm not surprised at times.

Maybe it's my absolute intolerance for stupidity which filters out the idiots from my life, I can't say it's black and white since I'm still seeing some pretty dumb-ass shit on my FB feed right now. I try as hard as I can to understand things from other points of view, some just aren't possible because I don't really feel like lowering my IQ to single digits with the help of a nasal pickaxe to understand what some of these plebeians I flame hard think about.

I've been doing "this" gig for quite a while now, about 7, 8 years now. Although this hasn't been as long as some people, I think I've experienced enough to write about it with such conviction. The Cosplay/Anime/Manga events I've been to over the few years have been fun, some were just lame beyond reason, some were plain epic and some I should have taken a depleted uranium tank shell to for all the faggotry that I saw/heard. 

I don't claim to be a veteran, to be honest I'd rather not be since many have forgotten what fun is, and just sit in the corner nursing a snakebite/pisswaterapplejuice-aka-Strongbow whilst sharing housewife gossip and then claiming that their little group had the most fun and were the bestest best group in the history of groups at that event. Go fuck a duck, maybe that way you may register as interesting on the grand scale of things.

However sometimes you think maybe the new ones should be told that they're being annoying little faggots by regurgitating/pumping old memes and funnies with plasticy formaldehyde and making the corpses of dead jokes dance in a twisted revolting fashion. I'm talking to you, girl stood smoking outside Nemacon 2011 with a paper sign saying "the game", trying not to make eye contact with anyone. How do you like throat cancer? Because you're gonna get a face full of it bumming that ciggy with little stupid breaths. Maybe you averted your eyes because you didn't want to see the faces of everyone thinking how stupid you look, maybe you thought you'd substitute reality with imagination, either way I now think you love the American rap artist; The Game. 

Regardless, stupidity is stupidity. If no-one calls it out we'll be knee deep in a vomit coloured constituent of pocky, yaoi paddles, bad fanfiction and cosplays that is a wig and nothing more. Buying the wig does not make you that character, it makes you a douche in a wig.

~Warai Otoko

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