Thursday, 26 July 2012

Anime Expo/Con + Alcohols: "Inebriation is Magical"

When you go to a convention or expo there'll be certain types of attendees. I won't get into the classification, just for one group; the Con Drunks. Generally you can find these bastards at the bar, always at the bar getting smashed before a panel or if you're at an AL event you'll find the con drunks wearing a con badge itching for the cheapest weakest babypisswater applejuice cider they can act tough with. Alright mate, put that kopperberg down before you hurt yourself.

Some of these wonders of society actually go to panels and do stuff. I'd like to think that I'm not a con drunk, even though I spend a lot of the time at one under the influence but then again I have the alcohol intoxication control of an anorexic straightedge long distance runner. Doesn't take a lot to get me drunk. But why do we turn up, get drunk at a place where we PAY to do stuff that is better done sober? Well, because it's fun, so shut the fuck up I'm not here to discuss why, go suck a dick.

Now here's someone to stay away from, don't even try to help this con goer because chances are you'll get yourself tangled in a right ass-hat of a mess. It'll happen just before the end of party/evening and you'll see someone (probably in a vocaloid or kingdom hearts cosplay) scream down the phone at someone and cry into it dramatically. Seriously, turn the fuck away, go to your room and go the fuck to sleep. You'd be a pretty daft vagina to go to them and ask if they're okay because holy shit their plan for attention worked! Guys, don't even think this'll get you any poon because if it's a girl she'll most likely spring a line on you so heartbreaking you'll think she's been stuffing pocky in her ear to make her brain taste yummy. Lines such as:

 - I only like Japanese people
 - Oh I can't! My heart belongs to Negiri Atshitsukehamayama-Kun
 - I'm bi, and that was one of my lovers on the phone
 - No my character would never do that!
 - Can I just be your pet?
 - You pronounced Onee-sama wrong!"

(These are all real lines btw)

Another group to stay away from, just ignore is the Walt Brigade. A Walt is, as the wonderful ARRSEpedia tells us a Walt is a wannabe soldier, re-enactment cnut. Push this to the storm troopers, elves, steampunk clique, or any group in some form of uniform. Not all are as bad as the ones at the bar who sing faux-war songs and shout out their rank as if they were in 'Nam, then again what do we know; we weren't there.. man. Just steer clear, or make a drinking game from how many times they do something cringeworthy like circle jerk or spray hot seedy ego boosts all over the highest rank; as if they were a bukkake party of salutes and "yessirs". I love storm troopers though, if they keep the full costume on cus that's dedication so I'd let them off for that.

My personal favourite drunk is the kind who doesn't know who what or where he or she is. Hilarious, because if you fall into this catagory you deserve all the trolling that's coming to you. Seriously the last guy I managed to convince his name was Rufus and he needed to fetch Scowny a coffee.

Generally what happens when you throw over dramatic and emotional unstable weebs in one place, add in every Bleach soundtrack then add alcohol is a lot of broken friendships. It happens every convention, it's like three stacked mountain goats couldn't see that coming.

~Warai Otoko

Ps. May post more on this later, you lucky lucky people.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Every individual who has the gift of all (or most) of their physical senses, perceives the world in their own way. Some people see everything as it is, some see more, some see less. It's all a matter of processing the information presented to us.

You'll come across certain individuals who do or don't think about how they see the world and how the world sees them.

The introvert may think too much about it, and is paranoid as to how they'd be seen by the world. They stay quiet, on the sidelines and watch. They wait for the right moment to say something safe. The extrovert may upset a lot of people, but not care how they are seen. We've all come across someone who is both liked a hell of a lot, yet is tolerated at the best of times.

I've talked about how it is with the community, how suddenly you'll feel in a different world full of drama, turmoil and heightened emotions. What we see and how we are seen are not fixed and universal, and unless you max out your effort and try to please everyone you'll have as much negativity towards you as you will positivity. That's just how it is, some people won't like you just "because".

I don't mind anymore, or rather I don't care if anyone wishes to be superficial around me purely for my attention. I can see what you're doing and you're mistaking my apathy for blindness.

Try to please everyone and you lose your integrity. Act like you don't care and you'll lose friends, and if you don't think about what you say if you choose to gossip about someone's private life then you've already set yourself down a very miserable path. You don't get anywhere through talking smack or spreading rumours unless it's to remove obstacles out of the way or your incredible talent. If you're mediocre, bland, average, hell if your talent is even above average, great, amazing or wonderful; it's still not enough to pull you through if you're making yourself out to be a gossiping little shit. It all adds up. People may say they forgive and/or forget, but there'll always be that lingering feeling, how you've wronged them. You'd be very lucky if things go back to how they were, the best you could do is make something better than it was.

I don't usually type things without it inherently having a purpose or message. Otherwise what's the bloody point, I'm not here for attention or to show you how hilarious I can make metaphors like how the last time the Tory party all pulled together was in the showers in the boys changing room at Eton college. Hell I can't even tell you what to do because then I'd be a douche for telling you what to do and softer than Mr Stay Puft at an opium den.

It used to be that we'd have a handful of friends and slowly branch out, the faster we gain friends the faster we lose them. Anyone you have known for less than a week is not your friend, they're someone you know. Though I could easily extend that to months, years even.

If you're not hurting anyone, go do what you do. There'll be haters, and that's their problem not yours. But if you are making someone's life difficult then you're just a c*** aren't you.

Just think about it, not a lot. Just enough.
~Warai Otoko

Ps. Fuck you.