Friday, 4 May 2012


So it started with myself and a chap by the username of Ozzie on the MCM Expo boards, he's banned right now due to impersonating an Admin (I say impersonate but the fact is if the Admin was as cool as that we'd be f'kin lovin' it). We'd point out the stupidity of certain things, and spam the crap out the board. You might think I'm a bit harsh, but ask yourself how many Expos/conventions you've been to, particularly the former. Next time you go to one, take a good look around, particularly at an Expo.

Now it's more of a case of "what the holy fucking shit sticks is wrong with you weebs?" I'm not against people doing what they want and having fun, hell even I do incredibly weeby things. However I don't ruin anyone else's day or generally make a massive prat out of myself when there's just no need. Do whatever the hell you want, just don't glomp me, don't scream in my ear that you want to see Byakuya give Naruto the 27inch-no-anaru-seksi, and for the love of Odin please get a fucking shower etc etc.

I'll try not to flame without some kind of reasoning because I'm my own moderator now I have more freedom than the MCM Expo forum board which has as much freedom for the users as an Amsterdam hooker in a duct tape gangbang.

Feel free to mail me or leave a comment on what you'd like me to "report on" if you don't see me update as often as you need me to, and I'll either comply or tell you to go get bent. In the mean time here's an excerpt from one of my recent posts on the MCM forum board before it'll inevitably get edited, on Free Huggers at the Expo:

" 'Free hugs, why do they do it and should you comply?' The Warai Otoko report.
You see, the kids these days are so stupid that they'll believe any old crapola on the anime tv. Life is too easy for them, and they'll go off into their little dream worlds and believe they don't need to shower and they are in fact magical girls too. I blame the current generation for the high influx of limp wristed bicepless males that couldn't throw a punch to swat a 3 legged fly.

Free hugs. They want to be seen, heard and felt just like any other human. But they lack the necessary social skills and patience to connect with others without screaming and shouting and saying "OMAGAW ELLO-ELL DATZ SOoOoO KAWAII YEAH". People who actually speak Japanese, feel a little pain and die inside.

Should you do it? In a word, no. Are you a so utterly unhappy that you don't get enough affection in your life that you must rely on a 14 year old disillusioned girl in a short skirt and pigtails to give you the 2 second grasp you desperately need? You've got problems.
When you have me telling YOU that you've got problems, you know you're ****ed in the **** *** ********. And I'm pretty damn ****'d up.

You mean nothing to a free hugger, just another sack of meat to notch up their score.

What should you do? I for one would ask why they love the character/costume as much as you if you're a cosplayer. If you don't love the character/costume then you're no better than the people who walk the streets at night for monetary compensation for their physical services. Better yet, refuse the hug and give them a hearty handshake for being so unbelievably crippled in social skills they they must press themselves against others for validation. Yes girls, you will be "That girl" when you grow up, "That girl" every guy doesn't want to get close to because if he does he'd be ****ing every other guy you've got close to. Guys, you will forever be that guy in your mates who has these crazy whacky ideas that always end badly.

Think about it logically. You have The Expo, a massive event with a lot of things (that mostly disinterest me but what the hell) going on. Yet some people go to where masses of strangers are, and demand close physical contact. What kind of person looks forward to going to the expo with a paper sheet they've scrawled "free hug" on? Is no-one else wierded out by this? If one person imparts ONE bacteria cell onto another, which imparts one more on the next hugger, we have ourselves a local area pandemic. Hey, hey guess what. Hey. Guess where post expo flu comes from. A

So I say to you, refuse the free hug. Give them a handshake, a hi five, a brofist or an airfive. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards. I for one will be wearing gloves.

If you want the hug, ask for their name, compliment them on how pretty they look and ask for their number, where they live, and their email address. Because if what they're doing isn't creepy enough, you may as well go whole hog." 

~Warai Otoko

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