Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Fun Game For All!

This May MCM Expo I can't say for definite if I am to attend, however I'd like you all to play a game for me.

If you like Schadenfreude then this is right up your street.

If you are approached by a free hugger or anyone that insists they hug you as if pressing their sweaty body upon you will grant them the strength to plough through another box of pocky, say No and take a picture of their rejection face.

Upload, or e-mail them to me (click here you silly moo) and I'll go ahead and display my favourites. Winner recieves a drawn picture of them beating up a weeb in whatever manner they wish, runners up win a cola, or something.

Extra points if you manage to get one of the following out of them, or anything else that's mega awkward
 - Non-contact hi5
 - Praying hands and bow with "Namaste" (Hindu style greeting)
 - Make them do 5 pressups before a hug (Walk off before they get up)
 - Elbow to elbow touch
 - E.T. Style finger tip touch
 - Russian Cossack dance

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~Warai Otoko

1 comment:

  1. Good gracious, ok I did laugh at the E.T. finger style touch and tbh i'm going to do that from now on.