Sunday, 24 June 2012

Merchandise and Cool Stuff

Most anime/manga fans have some kind of badge/headband/scarf/gratuitous scarring of some sort to tell the entire world of their hobby, as if they enjoy rubbing it in everyone's faces with calloused knuckles. If it's not the cosplayer who wears their outfit for no real purpose other than meeting friends in town, it'll be that douche with the naruto headband or Elric jacket. Hell I even saw one jackass with Kamina glasses, which just made him look like a white Squirtle. Use your sweat blaster attack!

As part of that crowd I kinda can't help but do it too, and I hope I'm not one of those wet sacks of blubber with what I own. I've got a very worn down DBz wallet which either gets me looks of disgust or lots and lots of conversation from hidden DBz fans. At one point I had a huge stencil of The Big O on my satchel, though a lot of ham-brained idiots thought it was transformers, the fucking numpties. But that's as far as I'd go, because we'd only have those items for one of 2 reasons; We properly love the series/item/character or we like the accessory. Anything else makes you one of those attention whores who hopes someone will notice their Ciel plushie and green wig (seriously, why the green wig!?) and go "hey you like watching the manga too? What anime do you read?". Let's face it, if you've ever put on anything and thought "I hope people notice me because I'm advertising this media" you may as well tattoo "DOUCHE" on your forehead. You can use your naruto headband to cover it up.

Sure you could plaster yourself in plastic crap like some kind of christmas tree that tokyopop vomited on, or you could go to geniunley decent places like Nerdycupcake that sell various awesome stuffs that doesn't make you look like you'd buy any old shite as a token of credibility. Seriously, go there now and check it out.

Most of the time we have the T-shirts that have some ridiculously niché meme, of which this is funny but I swear to Odin that one that has any reference to 4chan earns you a one way ticket to faggotcity. What a lot of people don't realise is that if you wish to be closer to your anime/manga, then stop caking yourself in merchandise to decorate yourself like a single woman in a mid-life crisis, and start wearing quirky yet nice things! Nerdycupcake. Doooo it.

Before I sign off, I wanna say what's worse that the pissbuckets who wear shit just to get noticed. Not only do they lower themselves to the standards of the free-huggers; a sub-species that has been proven to only have <10% brain capacity which puts them at the same level as a mentally handicapped spider monkey, but for fucks sake.. why are you absolute bastards when we do actually notice you've got an alchemic array on your glove or we saw your cowboy bebop shirt? It's not enough you just jizzed your pants because you got the attention you hungered for but you have to be a knob about it too? Being too nonchalant and blasé that you come across as patronizing and elitist, well you can fuck right off. Then fuck off some more, and when you've fucked right over there, fuck off again. You fuck. I once complimented a girl on her anime theme jacket, I got a dirty look and an inaudible response. I mean it would have been completely perfectly fine for her to have done that if I had my hand down my pants gripping my junk hard and asking her if I could smear a fine layer of my seed over such a sweet jacket or that it would have made a decent rag for my weeping third eye. But I'm quite sure I didn't bring my tackle into the conversation, and before anyone goes "But she might have been shy!" Bullshit, bullshit comes out your mouth you arseface. Why don't I bend over whilst you blow smoke up my poopshoot too because there's a hell of a lot of weak-ass pricks using that "I'm shy" excuse to make life easier for them. And no, she was not. She was just an ass.


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